Cycle Parc

Amsterdam, 2014

Het Gebouw

Leiden, 2013

Drieburcht sports complex

Tilburg, 2013

Alkmaar Station


News: August 15, 2014

Article Ton Venhoeven in Romanian arts magazine Sinteza

Ton Venhoeven has written an article for the Romanian arts magazine Sinteza, that was released earlier this week, and got sold out immediately.   The article reflects our vision on smart architecture and urbanism.      

News: July 10, 2014

Smart City design research

Commissioned by Atelier Stad, part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism has been working on a Smart City exploration by design research. Amsterdam, Delft and Assen delivered concrete cases to investigate the applications and spatial components of the concept of Smart City.   We applied an integral and designing approach to the research to be able to deepen the understanding in spatial and policy aspects of the Smart City concept.   Together with the municipalities, Platform31, TNO and local stakeholders we examined various aspects of Smart City related to local needs and focus and relevant to the participating municipalities.   After the summer, the results of the research will be published.
Cycle Parc Het Gebouw Drieburcht sports complex Alkmaar Station Article Ton Venhoeven in Romanian arts magazine Sinteza Smart City design research
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