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News: January 12, 2017

Aquatic centre ‘De Steur’ officially opened

On Wednesday, January 11,  aquatic centre ‘De Steur’ in Kampen is officially opened! After an amazing demonstration of the diving association, Alderman Geert Meijering symbolically handed-over the key to Sportfondsen Kampen B.V.,  which will exploit the complex. De Steur already opened to the public at 2 January.   De Steur contains three pools; a multipurpose pool with a deepened part for the diving association, a 6-lane competition pool, and a kiddy pool with a 50m flume. Outside you can find the terrace, paddling pools and a sunbathing lawn. In summertime, the glass facade can be fully opened, in order to link the interior recreational pools with the terrace and outdoor pools.   The former ‘Steur’ site is transformed into a large green open space in the park, where the swimming pool, like a villa, will overlook its surroundings. The swimming pool forms a pavilion within the park, integrating the green space and pool into one.

News: December 21, 2016

VenhoevenCS designs new aquatic centre Ronse

A promising beginning of 2017: the city council of Ronse selected VenhoevenCS to design the new aquatic centre of the city.   This ‘superstructure’ will  contain a competition pool, a paddling pool, a recreational area for toddlers/young children, two slides and a cafeteria. The new centre will be built on the sports area, next to the existing sports hall ‘t Rosco. The two buildings will be connected by a glass building in between (part of the design of VenhoevenCS), which houses the entrance area and a part of the cafeteria. The jury mainly values the smart integration in the city’s sports area.   Completion is scheduled spring 2019.
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