Corporate Responsibility


Without doubt, architecture and urban planning have a big impact on people’s lives. A good school can have a positive influence on the development of a child. A badly designed hospital can have a negative effect on the healing process. And the way a city is designed can determine whether you take the car, the metro or the bicycle to work. That’s why the term ‘responsibility’ weighs heavier in our profession than in many others.

A large part of our attitude towards corporate responsibility can be found in the way we deal with sustainability (please have a look at the Vision & Research and Sustainability sections on our website), but also in our integrity and conduct.

VenhoevenCS is an active member of the BNA (the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects), which has a code of conduct that all members should adhere to. We have also formulated our own business principles, which is the guideline for all our entrepreneurial decisions and activities both in the Netherlands and abroad, on all levels, including the individual conduct of all our team members.

Our business principles are based on three pillars:
- Respect and trust
- Curiosity and innovation
- Consistency and reliability
If you would like to know more about our business principles, please contact our office.

A third aspect of our responsibility involves social issues, such as the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as supporting the local community and society at large. VenhoevenCS aims at being a reliable employer with a special eye for cultural, social, and personal development of the team members.
We see art as a vital part of society’s cultural development and we work with artists in many of our projects. VenhoevenCS also regularly sponsors local and contemporary visual arts and music events of international standard.


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