Traineeships & Jobs 

We believe that a traineeship is an important part of a student’s curriculum. VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism offers traineeships for students in the field of architecture, urban planning and architectural engineering. Only those who are currently in school or university can apply for a traineeship at VenhoevenCS.

To apply for a traineeship at VenhoevenCS, please send your application with motivation, CV and portfolio of max 5 MB and 20 pages to Please allow at least two weeks for a response.

We are always looking for creative and inquisitive people in the field of architecture, urban planning, research and theory. If you are interested in joining the VenhoevenCS team, please send your application, including motivation, CV and portfolio to Please allow at least two weeks for a response.

VenhoevenCS has an informal, non-hierarchical atmosphere. Teamwork is key to all our projects and we expect each team member to be both assertive and flexible to achieve the best possible result. We work with the following software (always the latest issues), so good skills, experience and knowledge in any of these programs is important in your application: Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Autocad, Autodesk 3DS Max and Autodesk Revit.

Partners in network 

VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism excels in its ability to connect with and incorporate knowledge from third party specialists. This can be on a small scale, for instance in a cooperation with a theatre specialist or a traffic engineer.

Large scale, complex problems ask for an integral approach. Within such multidisciplinary teams, VenhoevenCS contributes for instance with design as a method of research and analysis or design as a mode of communication. But our role can also extend to being a team leader, carrying the final responsibility over the end result.

For all our projects, small or large, local or international, we have access to a network of specialists in fields such as energy, environment, health, infrastructure and mobility, water management, regional economic development, (social) geography, city branding, leisure, landscape, nature and (metropolitan) agriculture, arts and culture.

We prefer to work interactively with our clients and we expect the same from out network partners.

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