Quality Maintenance

Quality Management 

VenhoevenCS has developed a unique quality assurance system which is particularly geared towards making use of the interdisciplinary creativity within the office in order to make the best possible integrated designs. Our quality system safeguards the quality and added social value of the projects within the agreed-upon requirements of time and budget.

VenhoevenCS is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The certification gives our clients an overview of the steps we take to guarantee quality during the whole process.The design quality and the quality of the design process remain leading in all of our projects. Our references and publications are proof of evidence of our excellent products and a well managed process.

Knowledge Management and innovation 

Our philosophy is that individual knowledge should not just be put to use on a single project, but that all the knowledge present in our office and in our network should also be utilised for other projects and specialisations. In order to make this internal and external knowledge exchange possible, VenhoevenCS works with knowledge groups and an extensive network of external advisors.

The knowledge groups use their expert judgement to answer specialist questions from the employees involved in a project. There are knowledge groups for areas as diverse as sustainability, building costs, draughting systems, health care, BIM, and rules & regulations. Each knowledge group keeps its knowledge up-to-date by participating in courses, congresses and lectures.

The internal and external knowledge ensure that knowledge is built on and exchanged, which helps safeguard the quality of the individual projects and the quality of out bureau's work as a whole.

The knowledge groups are specifically organised for the purpose of answering questions about the projects and improving processes. They are successful because of the interest and talent of individual employees, the exchange of ideas among projects and specialities, and the cooperation with external advisors and suppliers. This process of cooperation and exchange gives rise to genuine innovations and verifiable knowledge which enrich the projects and allow us to continue to redefine our work.

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