Sustainability is in VenhoevenCS’ DNA. Ever since we started our company in 1998 we regard sustainability of both our projects and our business practice as an evident part of our culture. Please have a look at the Vision & Research section in this website for more information on our sustainable projects. This text concentrates on our sustainable business practice.

We distinguish between internal and external sustainability: the first focuses on our own accommodation, mobility and purchases; the latter focuses on creating awareness of sustainable solutions among our clients and suppliers.

In a broader, more general context, we also give lectures all over the world about sustainable urban planning, energy producing buildings, and future proof regions. Because sustainability is completely integrated in our vision on urban planning and architecture, the ‘sustainability awareness’ of all our team members is very profound.

The carbon footprint of VenhoevenCS is already less than half of the Dutch national average. But we can always do better. Therefore we adopted an ambitious policy with smart criteria in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Since 2009 all inevitable CO2 emissions are compensated by use of the Gold Standard. This means we have a business practice that is climate neutral according to official standards.

CO2 performance VenhoevenCS 

Please click on the title 'CO2 performance VenhoevenCS' to find out everything about the CO2 performance of VenhoevenCS. Information about our scope 3 emissions and initiatives we are affiliated with can be found at the website of SKAO .

Progress CO2 performance VenhoevenCS:

- 2017 Q1-Q4
- 2017 Q1/Q2
- 2016 Q1-Q4
- 2016 Q1/Q2

- CO2 perfomance ladder, certicate level 3
- CO2 perfomance ladder, certicate level 5

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