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A campus is a node of knowledge, a nonstop living lab for crossovers of research and education, of livability and entrepreneurship. Futureproof (re)design of these innovation districts thus requires an adaptive strategy as well as a dynamic process with all stakeholders, based on flexibility, participation, and circularity.

The VenhoevenCS approach focuses on creating connections. Ideally, a campus destination is being developed on a crossroads of high-quality public transport, within an energy- and information infrastructure and as an integral part of international, regional, and local networks. As key element in a campus layout we propose a mobility hub. This hub serves as campus entrance, connects the area to the region and concentrates all types of transport and facilities into one structure: the main aim being to free up space for a lively shared streetscape prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists. This way, the hub is a pragmatic, spatial and social solution. Like every 15-minute-city, an innovation district functions as a compact, densely mixed, and attractive neighborhood. In an urban setting like this, a community manager is essential. This spider in the campus-web links all material and immaterial matters on site.

VenhoevenCS makes meaningful interaction, flexible use, and exchange of knowledge visible to the community by designing work and education buildings with a public base; open plinths with a network of inviting shared spaces. After all, a knowledge ecosystem comprises of way more than studying and working, so we create climate adaptive landscapes including housing and sports, bars and events, spaces for experiment and exhibition, as inseparable elements of vibrant campus life.

Danny Esselman, architect and partner at VenhoevenCS, joined the Spryg congress on Dutch and Belgian campus developments, on September 9, at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.
The talk focused on designs ranging from Bio Science Park Leiden and TU Eindhoven and the masterplan for Liège Expo area to the still fledgling routes for Arenapark Hilversum, Synaps Park Genk (Hospital East Limburg) and Corda Campus Hasselt.

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Aquatics Centre Paris 2024

Paris (FR), 2024


Leiden (NL), 2026

Liège Expo 2017

Liège (BE), 2011

Sportplaza Mercator

Amsterdam (NL), 2006

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