‘Der dänische Patient’- Bauwelt (DE)

April 27, 2012


The danish hospital landscape is currently undergoing a radical transformation guided by the Masterplan 2020. The german hospital landscape is facing similar huge challenges like demographic changes, limited financial resources, high and cost-intensive technical and medical standards and outdated building structures. What can Germany learn from Denmark?

Authors and architects Tobias Buschbeck and Susanne Glade invited a research team for dialogue workshops to discuss the masterplan and the resulting architecture. The results of the dialogue have been published in an exclusive issue of the German architecture magazine Bauwelt “Der dänische Patient” on the 27th of april 2012 (Magazine No. 17/2012).

Bas Römgens, VenhoevenCS was Dutch critic/researcher during the dialogue workshops.

More info can be found on the website of Tobias Buschbeck.

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‘Der dänische Patient’- Bauwelt (DE)