‘HABITAT’ finalist Green Architecture Competition

April 18, 2012


The proposal ‘HABITAT’, by team of VenhoevenCS / DS landscape architects / Wim Timmermans (lecturer Larenstein) has been selected as a finalist for ‘The Green Architecture Competition’. This competition has been organized by the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and rewards research into intelligent spatial design that is able to increase biodiversity.

The entry proposes a new attitude towards the concept of ‘habitat’ and researches how an urban living environment can be obtained  that provides the right conditions for different kinds of people, as well as for plants and animals. Together with external specialist, the team researches the possibilities of combined housing for people and animals in the ‘skins’ of the built environment; its facades, roofs, gardens and street sections. This results in a highly integrated climate for animals, people and plants, which one can now only find outside of the cities.

The outcome of the research is a series of specific design proposals with elaborated details which will be applied in redevelopment projects. The aim of the proposal is increasing biodiversity in the built environment, while at the same time making it visible for passers-by. Providing interesting additions to the vocabulary of architecture will be the leading aspect.

The finalists will further elaborate their proposals during the coming months. The jury will announce the prize-winning entries in July 2012.

‘HABITAT’ finalist Green Architecture Competition