Photocontest SAIL Amsterdam!

August 17, 2015


Jan Schaefer Bridge


Jan Schaefer Bridge

From 19 to 23 August the Tall Ship event SAIL Amsterdam will take place. Since its first edition in 1975, SAIL Amsterdam has grown to become the largest public event in the Netherlands and the largest free nautical event in the world. Every five years, in excess of 600 ships navigate along the North Sea Canal before mooring in and around the IJhaven in Amsterdam. SAIL Amsterdam is organized this year for the ninth time.

The Jan Schaefer bridge is part of the festivities in the IJhaven and literally offers a podium for SAIL Amsterdam. Restaurant Owner Sico de Moel of l’invité Le Restaurant has the unique honor of opening a restaurant with champagne and oyster terrace on top of the bridge deck during SAIL. A dream come true for both De Moel and architect VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism. The latter  designed the bridge to be more than just a traffic corridor, but also as a landmark and even an event in itself.


Therefore VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism and l’invité le Restaurant are organising a photography contest to capture this spectacular heart of SAIL Amsterdam!


Are you a professional or amateur photographer, and do you want your SAIL photo to be part of the publicity around SAIL (now, but perhaps also over five years)  then join the contest!


– The Jan Schaefer bridge and / or l’invité le Restaurant on the bridge are in the picture

– The picture was taken between 18 – August 21, 2015 (during construction or event)

– You send in the high-res photo no later than August 21 16:00 to

– Photos can be used free of copyright, but with name credits

– The winners will be announced on Friday August 21st, 2015 and will be invited to the champaign deck of l’invité le Restaurant on the Jan Schaefer Bridge on Saturday August 22nd at 17:00. | twitter:linvite | twitter:venhoevencs

Photocontest SAIL Amsterdam!