VenhoevenCS wins Archicup!

May 10, 2012


After an exciting final on Wednesday May 8 against OTH (Trude Hooykaas) finishing equal, VenhoevenCS may call themselves the winner of Archicup indoor soccer in the C-class. Both teams did everything to get the honorable title, but VenhoevenCS had the best credentials, they only needed a draw to take the cup home.


The first half was played excellently by VenhoevenCS after a goal by Arjen Zaal and Bart Nicolaas and an own goal for OTH. But in the 2nd half, OTH quickly returned with two goals. Arjen Zaal from VenhoevenCS managed to make the tie 4-4.


The trophy was handed by referee Frits to the Venhoeven team. After the ceremony VenhoevenCS celebrated its victory at Chez Rene, the canteen of the legendary Oostenburghal.


Thanks to the lively report of referee Fritz, and sponsor Wicona.

VenhoevenCS wins Archicup!