New Esports Fan Zone for Team Liquid

29 August 2022


New Esports Fan Zone for Team Liquid

Designing a Fan Zone of 60 square meters with more than six functions? We made the impossible possible with our transformative interior design for the official EU Team Liquid Fan Zone!

Team Liquid and longtime partner Dell Alienware have launched The Pro Lab; a groundbreaking global training program to empower professional athletes in the esports industry. To accommodate The Pro Lab and facilitate interaction with the public, VenhoevenCS and AHH extended their design for Team Liquid’s European HQ Esports Training Facility in Het Platform in Utrecht with a modular Fan Zone. The Zone’s flexible layout will also serve as a merchandise shop for upcoming apparel drops, Team Liquid athlete and talent meet-and-greets, and other events.

The materials of the interior design for the Fan Zone represent the brand identity of Team Liquid; the large transformative cabinet follows the patterns and colors of Alienware. Therefore, two worlds come together in one space.

Above all, over time the facility will develop into a physical – maybe even exhibition-like – space representing esports. It will become a place where the Liquid Community can come together to celebrate their team with fans and players from all around the world!

Find an interview with architects Arjen Zaal (VenhoevenCS) and Dafne Wiegers (AHH) on the design of the Team Liquid Esports Training Facility as part of MicroCity Het Platform here.

More on the design for Het Platform can be found here, and for Alienware Training Facility for Team Liquid here.

Interest in The Pro Lab? Find out all about the program here.

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