Alienware Training Facility for Team Liquid Opened in Utrecht

16 September 2020


Alienware Training Facility EU for Team Liquid 6

The new EU headquarters for the illustrious esports organization Team Liquid in Utrecht has officially opened. The new facility combines training, presentation, working, eating, living and relaxation. The interior of the building, designed by VenhoevenCS and AHH Architects, sees two worlds intertwine: players and office staff work in a world of green and comfort, while fans and visitors are entertained by the spectacular world of Team Liquid and their ongoing adventure.

This project Is the perfect illustration of how game design and digital art can become new and quintessential sources of inspiration for architects. The facility is adventurous — as a well-designed game would be — with a modular and multi-purpose floor plan. The imaginative use of the interior’s materials also creates an interplay between the real and the imagined, with a daring choice of colours and materials accentuating different spaces and functions. Atmospheres skilfully alternate from chic and dynamic to professional and focused to reflect the function of the space. By using bio-based and recycled materials, efficient installations, smart acoustics, lighting, and prefab elements, we have created a sustainable, healthy and comfortable workspace for Team Liquid.

We wish Team Liquid happy times and many wins in their new home.

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