Beijing Design Week 2013

20 September 2013



For the Beijing Design Week 2013 the Creative Industries Fund NL commissions the research project Towards 2050, by the Dutch office for sustainable architecture, urban planning and infrastructure VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism. Towards 2050: Developing a Sino-Dutch Approach for sustainable urbanisation is a research project that combines Chinese expertise and Dutch knowledge in the fields of spatial planning, urbanization, mobility, spatial economics, water management and others, in order to develop a sustainable vision for China in and towards 2050.

Complex challenges call for multi-disciplinary action. In a series of workshops in Beijing from 23 to 27 September, planners, architects, designers, policy-makers and developers will discuss current and future urban problems in order to formulate scenarios and models for sustainable urban development. The results of this first series of workshops will be presented in a public presentation on Saturday 28 September. After  Beijing the project will continue its explorations in other Chinese cities. The aim is to develop the Sino-Dutch Approach city by city into a comprehensive method to achieve sustainable metropolitan regions.

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