De Meent sports complex officially opened

4 February 2016



On Wednesday evening,  February 3 2016, De Meent sports complex was officially opened for public! The theme of the opening was ‘relay race’, as a representation of the whole process. This evening was the final part of the race. Wilfred Genee, a well-know tv-host in the Netherlands, was appointed to ‘coach’ the guests to the finish. After a tour with some amazing sport demonstrations along the way, the estafet-baton  reached its final destination. Alderman Pieter Dijkman  handed it over to Vincent Thijssen, director of Alkmaar Sport N.V., who will exploit  ‘De Meent’.

The 40 yrs old De Meent sports complex needed to be modernized and expanded in order to reduce the shortage of indoor sports facilities in the city of Alkmaar and to meet to the current and future standards of all sports users. Therefore, VenhoevenCS gave the old sports complex a complete makeover and a large extension, with a new (top)sports hall and several gyms, which meet the requirements of NOC*NSF, new dressing rooms and a prominent new entry. De Meent is designed to facilitate both top sport and recreational sport, to make people enthusiastic for sports and to emphasizes Alkmaar’s sport ambition.

Already different sport tournaments are planned to take place in the new de Meent: from the 12th  to the 14th of February the Dutch all-round speed skating championships for  juniors, February 20 the national final of the KPN Marathon Cup (ice skating) and in March there will be multiple martial arts competitions. The semi final of the Dutch gymnastics championships, an international volleyball tournament and the Dutch trampoline championships are scheduled later this year.

More information about the upcoming events, for example the recreational sport activities in the spring break, can be found here:

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