Drieburcht sports complex open for public

20 December 2013



On Saturday December 21st, the first day of the holiday season, the brand new Drieburcht sports complex opens for public!

The new building was designed by VenhoevenCS. It has three pools, a sportshall, fitness centre and school care. The atmosphere in the building can be regarded as ‘urban theatre’. From the sports hall on the top floor one has a view on the competition pool ten meters below; all  the different functions are connected by these kind of spectacular sight lines.

Belgian artist Jean Luc Moerman has applied artwork Hybrid Skin to the facade and in several parts of the interior. Hybrid skind is inspired by muscles, movement and freedom, and refers to the function of the new sports complex; a place of sports, encounter and recreation.

The first comments of the test team on the new Drieburcht are very positive: ‘Drieburcht is a building that has something for everyone, it’s a superb sports accommodation, it has great high tech features and it just looks fantastic!’

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