First piece of the puzzle, Durmebad Lokeren (BE)

15 November 2022


First piece of the puzzle, Durmebad Lokeren (BE)

The first (visible) piece of the puzzle is put into place! At yesterday’s ceremony, the team of Pellikaan, VenhoevenCS, B2Ai architects, Boydens and Sweco celebrated the symbolic first stone of swimming pool Durmebad in Lokeren (BE). With a central and lowered entrance and a transparent plinth, the design for the new municipal pool solves the puzzle of expansion and accessibility of the sports complex in Lokeren. This future-proof addition to the existing complex is thoughtfully designed with regards to its wide range of users and open relationship with the newly designed park surrounding the complex. With the Durnebad, Lokeren will soon have a healthy and sporty meeting place that fits in with the environment in a sustainable way – contributing to the social cohesion in the city.

“It was a complex knot to untangle, but I can already picture it: soon you will be sitting on the edge of the swimming pool and you will be surrounded by the green trees in the park. You can see the cyclists who drive under the complex, but also the athletes in the other parts of the building.”
– Mateja Pipan and Manfred Wansink, architects VenhoevenCS.

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