Forum´t Zand wins ‘Perspective Award 2006’

1 January 2007


Forum 't Zand 13

Community school Forum ‘t Zand has won the ‘Perspective award 2006’ as part of the ‘Scholenbouwprijs 2006’. The jury mentions:

‘From an urban planning and architectural point of view, the opinions are unanimously positive, but the client’s clear vision is still lacking in the building. Above all, of course, it is a characteristic and beautiful building, which lies like an exciting spaceship in the Leidsche Rijn vinex location. It is an adventure in every sense of the word and testifies to daring to develop this form for a community that has yet to grow. Because that is what it is; a community building for growth and that is what the jury appreciates for the municipality of Utrecht as the client of the Forum Schools in the city. This imposes new demands on the client when it comes to the planning of an area and when it comes to controlling a new environment. The location of OBS Het Zand & Arcade is fantastic, with the old industrial chimney pipe next to the building, which contrasts sharply with the futuristic building’.

(Scholenbouwprijs 2006, uitgave van ICSadviseurs, 2007, p. 24-29)

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