Gymworld winner of the Gemma Smid Architecture Audience Award

15 September 2020


Gymworld 9

We are happy and proud that Gymworld Zoetermeer has won the Gemma Smid Architecture Audience Award! Congratulations to the Municipality of Zoetermeer and all the team members that were involved in the realization of this unique project.

In the words of the jury: “The extraordinary sports complex fits in perfectly with the wish of Zoetermeer to profile itself as a sports city. Gymworld is a beautiful business card.”

The exterior architecture of the sports centre consists of several volumes that are all suspended from the ground. The composition is reminiscent of a cloud that is floating across the land. Each volume has a differentiated façade design that refers to what goes on inside. For instance, the interplay of lines on the volume that holds the hall for Free Running, is a translation of the movements that the sportsmen make inside. Stairs and elevators protrude from the cloud, inviting visitors to enter this new and exciting world.

In terms of sustainability measures the sports centre has been built in a very compact way and uses a little energy as possible. The EPC = 0, solar panels have been installed on the roof top, and the white colour of the roof top prevents heat from building up.

As a leading facility for sports and exercise, Gymworld means to offer both an inspiring and sustainable environment for everyone!

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