Exhibition: Istrian Cultural Center Izola

29 November 2022


Istrian Cultural Center Izola 9

Today, our design for the new cultural center of the Slovenian city Izola has been revealed at the exhibition showcasing competition finalists and designs.

To boost Izola’s new cultural quarter, our proposal for the Istrian Cultural Centre is guided by the concept of connection. Carefully positioned in the urban and natural fabric of the harbor city, the building connects the city with the seaside, bridges the gap between the historic center and the newly developed tourist areas, and links practitioners and visitors of various art forms. We designed the beating heart of Izola’s cultural quarter featuring a wide variety of spaces, from a small café and a book shop to performance spaces and a full-scale theatre hall.

We provided the Cultural Centre with a transparent appearance, amplified by a perforated façade and at the heart of the design is a spacious and light foyer. This public ‘cultural axis’ that runs through the building reinforces the visual and physical connection between the city and the sea. Along this shared, dynamic axis, three ‘boxes’ allow for plays, concerts, performances, exhibitions, and movie screenings.
By hosting a varied cultural program, the Istrian Cultural Centre connects culture and communities in the whole region.

The exhibition is on show in Manzioli Palace, Izola from Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 5:00 pm until Monday 30 December 2022.

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