Le Grand Prix du Grand Paris

22 September 2023


Le Grand Prix du Grand Paris

‘Le Grand Prix du Grand Paris 2023’ was awarded to the Aquatics Centre!
“With this Grand Prix, we wish to reward the multiple innovations that this major piece of equipment for the next 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games implements,” stated Sébastien de Vanssey on behalf of the Acteurs du Grand Paris-club that annually puts innovative projects and daring initiatives in the spotlight.

The golden medals for Realized Project were received by the Aquatics Centre-architects Cécilia Gross (VenhoevenCS) and Laure Mériaud (Ateliers 2/3/4/). This Grand Prix belongs to the entire team; to client Métropole du Grand Paris, the building group led by Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France, all partners.

The award ceremony took place at the Low Carbon Real Estate Fair SIBCA in Paris. And for a reason. After all, with the challenge of carbon neutrality in 2050, controlling the carbon footprint is a priority and business to all. On top of its social goals, the Aquatics Centre in Paris is designed to meet exactly that challenge; in urban planning, regional development, low-carbon energy, carbon storage, circular flows of energy and water.
How the Aquatics Centre sets the example of designing to future-proof the urban eco-system is being underlined with this Grand Prix.

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