New project: Masterplan 2.0 for Corda Campus in Hasselt

5 May 2021


New project: Masterplan 2.0 for Corda Campus in Hasselt

VenhoevenCS and GeoSted have won the tender to develop Masterplan 2.0 for the Corda Campus in Hasselt. This dynamic Tech-Campus for students, start-ups and renowned companies is well known in the region. Masterplan 2.0 will further increase the attractive power and connectivity of the campus.

The Corda Campus has the ambition to build a strong community for students, professionals, academics, expats, researchers and entrepreneurs, which will not only include the campus but also the surrounding area and abroad. In our approach we also take into account social ambitions, such as sustainability and integration, to realize a green and healthy campus environment.

Masterplan 2.0 is based on innovation, adaptivity, experience and the principle of maximum sharing to stimulate meetings and cross-sector innovations. It will become a walkable campus, with plenty of space for pedestrians. According to our flexible Plug & Play Concept it will be easy to add future program elements to the masterplan framework. The major new building will be the Corda Arena, a high-tech digital event centre for 4000 visitors.

We have recently started the workshops with the team and we expect to present the Masterplan in September 2021.

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