Opening act Bike Parking IJboulevard

25 January 2023


Opening act Bike Parking IJboulevard

Opening act Bike Parking IJboulevard

Today, the Amsterdam alderman for Traffic Melanie van der Horst and president-director NS Wouter Koolmees performed the administrative act to celebrate two new bicycle parking facilities (IJboulevard and De Entree) on both sides of Central Station. Press and invitees were offered a first peek at both facilities. IJboulevard is opening to the public on 14 February 2023.

IJboulevard builds on the VenhoevenCS tradition of turning functional infrastructural features into seductive spaces that contribute to urban culture.” – Danny Esselman, architect IJboulevard

Images: Interview with Jeroen Bonekamp (director VHB), architects Danny Esselman and Max Fleer being interviewed at IJboulevard.

Photography: Nicolo Santini

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