Polestar invited VenhoevenCS to visualize zero-emission Amsterdam

31 May 2021


Polestar invited VenhoevenCS to visualize zero-emission Amsterdam 1

Imagine what Amsterdam looks like, when in 2030 only electric and slow traffic are allowed into the city’s centre. New electric car brand Polestar took the opportunity to add the function of art space to their experience centre and invited three urban designers to illustrate their vision on 2030 Amsterdam in a work of art. VenhoevenCS, OneArchitecture and Max Tuinman each created an installation envisioning public space that is no longer dominated by diesel and gasoline cars. VenhoevenCS titled its presentation: ‘The Breathing City’.

We took a shot at the future of Prins Hendrikkade and Oosterdok and allowed nature to take over. Our impression illustrates a truly biodiverse waterfront. At first, the planted quay stands out; when taking a closer look, freshwater mussels and insects come into view.
On show is a stable ecosystem. Here, stacking of vehicle flows and parking are introduced, as well as lush gardens; flat, vertical and floating. A gentle separation between land and water creates an area in which aquatic plants and animals provide water purification. Insect hotels, butterfly bushes and wildflowers attract insects, which are the foundation of the ecosystem. In turn, small animals and birds prevent insect pests and thus keep the system in balance. Original landscapes are re- introduced: food production, peat landscape and wooded areas.


Although it may seem contradictory, in this historic and now crowded part of the city, that is mainly designed for traffic, it is transport that can lead to a new scenery. Change in infrastructure frees up space for nature as part of our daily urban life. Amsterdam aims to be emission-free by 2030; by then Polestar will introduce a car that is even emission-free in terms of production; VenhoevenCS intertwines innovation, nature-inclusive ambitions and forward-thinking design to increase wellbeing for all and to enliven the streetscape. The works of art at the Polestar Space inspire and motivate to find solutions for a healthy city.

Exhibition ‘Amsterdam 2030, by Polestar’
Polestar Space, Van Baerlstraat 2-4, Amsterdam
On show until 18 June 2021
Find out all at: Expositie VenhoevenCS | Expo Amsterdam 2030 | Polestar NL

Image: VenhoevenCS director/architect Jos-Willem van Oorschot and junior designer Nicolo Santini
Image: The Breathing City by VenhoevenCS
Photo: Janus van den Eijnden
Many thanks to: Glasnost

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