Site Le Corbusier presents Aquatics Centre in sports exhibition

7 April 2023


Site Le Corbusier presents Aquatics Centre in sports exhibition

The Aquatics Centre in Saint-Denis, Paris, is on show at the exhibition ‘Let’s move in the City’ at Site Le Corbusier in Firminy, France. The exhibition follows Le Corbusier’s approach to creating communities around public sports and culture complexes; the section that shows our design for the Aquatics Centre is about sustainable and inclusive sports venues.

To evoke the open atmosphere and its accessible design, the Aquatics Centre is deliberately represented with a model transparently showing a ‘slice’ of the sports complex. After all, the visually connected pools, sports halls and fitness facilities, the bridge and the park are there to inspire a wide variety of people to collectively use and share these spaces and to proudly contribute to the identity of the building and its community.
With Ateliers 2/3/4/, and for the Métropole du Grand Paris, we started the integral design of the Aquatics Centre with the people of Saint-Denis; and its social and sportive legacy has always been at the heart of the project.

Echoing the major upcoming sports events in France – the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympics – Site Le Corbusier in Firminy just festively opened an exhibition in the Saint-Pierre church; titled ‘Let’s move in the city! Sport and architecture for tomorrow’.
The exhibition positions sports in the city as essential to public health and a vector of socialization. Visitors follow an athletics track along themes like spaces for amusement and recreation, the techniques that venues require, ecological impact, sustainable and inclusive sports venues.

Site Le Corbusier presents Aquatics Centre in sports exhibition 1

Exhibition ‘Let’s move in the City – Sport & Architecture for tomorrow’
Église Saint-Pierre, Site Le Corbusier, Saint-Etienne Métropole, France
On show until 14.01.2024
Exhibition design by DREAM

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