Sports complex OMEGA social impulse for city campus Paris-Saclay

28 June 2022


Piscine Gif sur Yvette

Proud to announce that we won the international competition for the design of the OMEGA sports center in Gif-sur-Yvette (FR) on the prestigious technology campus Paris-Saclay.
The swimming pool complex forms an open, social, and sporting meeting point, compact and transparent, and intertwined with the landscape of the Plateau de Saclay.

For OMEGA, the composition of sports and leisure facilities was key to the design. Motivated by emphasizing social, mental, and physical health, our team of architects organized a series of pools, and wellness and fitness, based on connections. We stayed true to the atmosphere of each destination within the complex, and at the same time we brought them together spatially in such a way that they overlap in experience and enrich everyone’s visit.

Plateau de Saclay’s nature characteristic, extreme high groundwater level, inspired the architecture of OMEGA. In order not to disturb the soil nature and the groundwater structure, the pools will not be excavated but will be placed on the plateau with the elevated building around it. Due to the building’s transparent base, sports and swimming are visible from the street; ín the pools, bathers have a view of the surrounding greenery from their slightly elevated position – a pool with a view.

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