Ton Venhoeven featured on the BBC

7 September 2022


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Ton Venhoeven features in the latest in series of films for the BBC – the world’s largest broadcasting corporation. In one of selection of thought-provoking short films BBC Ideas spoke to Ton about the 15-minute city – a simple idea that could transform city life.

Watch the video to see him talk about a return to a local way of life, getting rid of cars, greening the city, more public space, and the potential to alleviate the climate and biodiversity crisis. What if everything you needed for daily life was within a 15-minute walk or cycle ride of your house?

Link to video: The simple idea that could transform city life

The invitation to this film followed the BBC World Service programme People Fixing the World that featured Ton alongside Carlos Moreno and Hélène Chartier (C40 Cities). Have a listen!

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