Traverse Alkmaar Station festively opened

18 December 2015



On Thursday December 17 2015, the traverse of  Alkmaar Station was festively opened to the public by Heike Luiten (Regional Director, NS), Jan Nagengast ( alderman of the municipality of Alkmaar) and Cees de Vries (Regional Director, ProRail).

The new station complex was realized in cooperation with Strukton and is in line with the redevelopment of the station area into a new attractive, comfortable public space, where the Municipality of Alkmaar is working on in cooperation with NS and ProRail. The station is compact and well-organised, and with the forecourt and reception areas, a logical and natural connection of the station with the city.

The bicycle parking, which is also part of the design, was already completed in August this year and also the bus station is already in use. After the opening of the traverse, there still needs to be done some final work, like closing the pedestrian tunnel. The total, redeveloped, station area will be completed in the spring of 2016

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