Urban design Sportpark Hilversum formally adopted

7 August 2023


Urban design Sportpark Hilversum formally adopted

Proximity of life, work and recreation and a focus on sports and nature, these are the pillars of the transformation of a monofunctional office park into green innovation district Sportpark Hilversum. VenhoevenCS’ Urban Plan  was officially adopted by the Hilversum city council in July 2023.

Healthy living for man and nature
Based on Olympic heritage and the presence of Nike European Headquarters at this location, Sportpark Hilversum aims to promote a healthy lifestyle. To make room for people, sports and nature, we planned Sportpark as a largely car-free area. A moved Station combined with a Community Hub and generous underpass connects it with surrounding neighbourhoods and the larger region.

Walking and cycling are the best ways to move around, all destinations are situated within 10 minutes walking. Next to existing office buildings and a school, the plan offers 300 social, 450 affordable and 150 free sector homes, two new sports centres, an international school, a hotel and other small-scale amenities. An urban farm is planned on the roof of the main sports facility. Extra office space, workspaces and circularity hubs provide room for a circular economy with jobs for all.

Sportpark Hilversum will be climate proof and rainwater neutral, with nature-friendly public space and buildings. Roof terraces, verandas, balconies and abundant greenery prevent heat stress and contribute to the quality of outdoor living. Walkways, running tracks and other sports facilities are carefully inserted in this environment. With connections to surrounding garden, park and heather biotopes, this is also an attractive biotope for plants and animals.

MicroCity strategy
Our MicroCity strategy inspired the urban plan. This conceptual model for a 21st century neighbourhood, transforms monofunctional neighbourhoods into attractive and healthy mixed-use living environments that offer spatial, social and economic solutions for the main challenges facing society, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution, water scarcity and resource depletion. Our MicroCity principles are in line with the Paris Agreements and SDG’s, and worldwide applicable, in all kinds of local contexts. In consultation with the many parties involved in Sportpark Hilversum we made a local translation for this Hilversum development.

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