VenhoevenCS architect for the redevelopment of the ‘Watertoren’ area

10 February 2017



VenhoevenCS is working on the redevelopment of the ‘Watertorenterrein’ in Egmond aan Zee. By the end of 2018 Egmond aan Zee will have an energy neutral sports hall in the dunes, surrounded by beautiful villas, family homes, collective private commissioning dwellings and an underground parking garage underneath the hall.  The buildings are designed to extend and blend into the surrounding dune landscape; a quality boost for the area.

The sports hall will replace the outdated sports hall in this same area. Thanks to sustainable measures such as solar panels, a solar thermal system and energy efficient LED lighting it will become an energy neutral complex. The construction will start next year. The old sports hall will be demolished when the new one is finished.

BAM Wonen is responsible for the redevelopment of the area.

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