VenhoevenCS designs new faculty building Hogeschool Utrecht

31 August 2015



VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism designs the new faculty building for the faculty of Communication & Journalism (FCJ), Economy and Management (FEM) and ICT. The building is situated at the end of the Heidelberglaan, a prominent place at the Uithof Campus in the city of Utrecht.

FCJ houses the institute Media and Communication. FEM Business Administration, Business Economics, Marketing & Commerce. The institute ICT is part of the faculty of Nature and Technology. The building that will house these seven institutes, together with common workspaces and facilities, will program approximately 21.500 m² GFA.

For the institutes it is of vital importance to be recognizable individually within the building. An atrium and transparency created by large glass surfaces allows the institutes to distinguish themselves. There are collaborative workspace in all shapes and sizes. From informal meeting rooms with comfortable seating to silent workspaces where you can work individually.

A combination of an innovative, high quality, sustainable and formal appearance adds to the hospitality for alumni and entrepreneurs and the development of sustainable relationships with the industry.

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