VenhoevenCS joins Duurzaam Gebouwd – the Dutch knowledge platform on sustainability

24 November 2020


VenhoevenCS joins Duurzaam Gebouwd (Sustainable Building)!

As of today, VenhoevenCS has become an official partner of Duurzaam Gebouwd! Duurzaam Gebouwd is the national integrated knowledge platform for decision makers within the construction and real estate sector in the field of sustainability. We will actively participate in this network and challenge ourselves to share and gain knowledge.

Hermen Jansen, architect and part of the VenhoevenCS R&D group Sustainability, has joined the expert panel of Duurzaam Gebouwd and will publish several articles about relevant topics. These articles connect our knowledge  and projects with the themes of the platform. We are very happy with this partnership, as sustainability is part of our agency’s DNA. Because the concept of sustainability is so comprehensive, we are always looking for new solutions.

Click here to read the full article about our partnership (in Dutch).

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