VenhoevenCS publishes ‘The multimodal hub and Rijkswaterstaat’

12 June 2020


VCS Publications 2

The ideal for healthy, sustainable cities is to be able to reach ‘everything’ on foot, by bicycle or by PT. In order to achieve this, it is important to work towards a single integrated, multimodal mobility system. In this system, hubs are the essential links for smooth transitions between modalities -both within the city and far beyond.

‘The multimodal hub and Rijkswaterstaat’ provides insight into how hubs in the city and adjoining the highway network (HWN) can contribute to the quality of life in the city and improved traffic flows on the HWN. In this publication, chain journeys are analysed, differences between hubs are identified and various typologies are categorised and put on the map.

We enjoyed working on this first exploration of the potential contribution Rijkswaterstaat could bring from the main highway network (HWN) to the development of multimodal hubs. We are looking forward to the continuation of design research at specific hubs.

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