VenhoevenCS selected to design Sports Center Delft

7 July 2023


VenhoevenCS designs winning proposal for Sports Center Delft

We’re excited to announce winning the international architect’s competition for Sports Center Delft. The new sustainable complex will give expression to mixed-use by bringing together residences, sports and mobility on a compact plot. Replacing the old ‘Zwem- en Squashcentrum’ at the Maria Duystlaan, the new hub offers all residents of Delft the handles needed to propel a healthy (urban) lifestyle.

The merging of facilities in Sports Center Delft sets the tone for healthy and sustainable inner-city development: “Thanks to the rich combination of a versatile sports hall, a swimming pool, apartments and mobility in a compact social hub, Sports Center Delft will be a powerful example of a future-proof and healthy heart of the neighborhood” – Jos-Willem van Oorschot, partner-architect VenhoevenCS

The project aims to be completed in 2026.

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