VenhoevenCS selected to design urban plan Arenapark Hilversum

24 August 2021


VenhoevenCS wins Urban Planning tender Arenapark, Hilversum!

Arenapark Hilversum. Photo: Hilversum Municipality.

This summer, VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism was selected by the municipality of Hilversum for the urban development of Arenapark. The designers focus on the sustainable densification and enlivenment of this unfinished business area by interweaving living, working, education and sports with smart mobility and the enhancement of nature.

The Arenapark business area has been developed since the 1990s on the former municipal sports park. Here, the shape of the old trotting track still shows; the wooden stand alongside the athletics track, designed by W.M. Dudok, has been a landmark for over a century. In addition to sports clubs, the area is now home to educational institutions and about fifty companies as well. However, Arenapark is not finished. Several plots are fallow; much of the public space is poorly equipped. This situation, unintentionally, offers room for the city’s ambitions to provide for more housing and offices, for the relocated train station Hilversum Sportpark and for sustainable energy supply.

In developing the urban plan for Arenapark, VenhoevenCS shows a strong social and public focus. The anticipated scenarios center on creating a healthy and attractive climate for residents, entrepreneurs, students and athletes, and on linking the surrounding neighborhoods.

Arenapark’s accessibility by public transport will be improved once the train station is thoroughly integrated. On the site, a refined structure of bicycle paths and pedestrian zones will be laid out; all facilities are located within walking distance. The number and types of homes and companies to be added to the site are topic of research, as well as how to tap into the wealth of opportunities offered by the adjacent Goois Nature Reserve Laapersheide, the arrival of the international school and the new Evert Kroon swimming pool. Also, alternatives for biomass as a heat source are being explored.

VenhoevenCS is currently discussing the impact of the Municipality’s aims with stakeholders. The results will be integrated and translated into spatial scenarios that strengthen the urban and sustainable destination of Arenapark Hilversum.

“Based on their national and international experience, involvement in several sports facilities and campuses, and clear vision on mixed-use areas, they fit the Arenapark assignment. On top of that, they’re skilled in designing stations and station areas and therefore experienced in collaborating with the Dutch Railway (NS) and ProRail.”
– Municipality of Hilversum motivates the choice for VenhoevenCS

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