About VenhoevenCS

VenhoevenCS is an innovative bureau for sustainable architecture, urban development, and infrastructure, attuned to meeting the challenges of our time. Founded by Ton Venhoeven in Amsterdam in 1995, VenhoevenCS has since grown into a renowned design and consultancy practice, with five partners and an international team of architects, urban planners, and technical engineers.


VenhoevenCS believes that our planet provides ample space for all living things to co-exist peacefully and sustainably. But as the world population and global prosperity increase rapidly, we need to fundamentally adjust the way we shape and structure our use of the planet.


VenhoevenCS also believes that design can make help revitalize the world for all life forms. Nature works with ecosystems that are self-sufficient and sustainable, a concept we use as a starting point for our research, design, and consultancy practice.

We believe in the power of architecture and planning as tools to create a better and more sustainable world. Our compact team offers the solutions needed to a wide range of pressing challenges that societies face today. In architecture, we design projects for sports & leisure, culture & education, health, mixed use, residential, office & utility, transformation, interior, and products. In infrastructure, we design stations, bridges, tunnels, and bicycle parks. On a larger scale, we design plans for urban development, station areas, and spatial strategies. We work together with our partners to research a wide range of topics regarding the circularity in urban areas and the planning culture of the future.

We specialize in finding integral, spatial solutions for societal and environmental issues at every possible scale. And although we are sometimes involved in rural and landscape projects, our main focus is on the larger metropolis with all its components: self-supporting neighbourhoods and emission-free buildings, micro-networks that support recycling and a healthy lifestyle, nature-inclusive cities, transformation and revitalization, mixed land use, metropolitan agriculture, densification, compact buildings, and innovative facades.

It is not just a matter of engineering and design, though. Cultural and social aspects are of vital importance too. That is what the CS stands for in our name.

VenhoevenCS partners ©Joke Schut Photography

Amsterdam, VenhoevenCS partners. ©Joke Schut Photography.