Renovation 6 train stations

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Renovation 6 train stations

News: December 16, 2019

Contracts signed for renewal train station Alkmaar Noord

On the 12th of December 2019 the municipality of Alkmaar and railway infrastructure organization ProRail signed the contracts for the renewal of train station Alkmaar Noord by design of VenhoevenCS. During the occasion VenhoevenCS and construction company K_Dekker gave the present parties the opportunity to take a virtual tour through the future train station using VR-goggles, which had a raving response. Check out the video made bij news broadcaster Alkmaar Centraal   With the new design the train station will become more accessible and sustainable. Earlier VenhoevenCS already designed the renewed train station of Alkmaar Centraal. It is very special that we get to design a second station in the same city within a time frame of just a few years. Robin Boenning tells the daily paper Noordhollands Dagblad: “When it comes to materials and look & feel the two train stations will really be related to each other.” Just like Alkmaar Centraal, Alkmaar Noord will have a very transparent and bright alure. “We will make the whole train station as transparent as possible. The better the lines of view, the more secure the people will feel,” says Robin Boenning.    The renewal of train station Alkmaar Noord is part of the project ‘renovation 6 train stations’ in which various train stations in the Netherlands are being made more accessible to people with an impairment by means of elevators and ramps.
Contracts signed for renewal train station Alkmaar Noord
Name:Renovation 6 train stations
Location:Station Alkmaar Noord, Station Bloemendaal, Station Den Helder Zuid, Station Driehuis, Station Haarlem Spaarnwoude, Station Tilburg Reeshof
Program:Renovation and improving accessibility of 6 train stations in order to facilitate passengers with an impairment.
Surface area:
Assignment:SD, PD, FD, construction documents
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Danny Esselman, Cécilia Gross, Robin Boenning, Louis van Wamel, Maria Ángeles Reinares San Martín, Max Fleer, Eliza Mante

K_Dekker bouw&infra b.v. (contractor), Sweco (construction), Sophia Engineering (construction), Klaver (installations)

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