Alkmaar Station

Alkmaar, 2015

Alkmaar Station

News: December 18, 2015

Traverse Alkmaar Station festively opened

On Thursday December 17 2015, the traverse of  Alkmaar Station was festively opened to the public by Heike Luiten (Regional Director, NS), Jan Nagengast ( alderman of the municipality of Alkmaar) and Cees de Vries (Regional Director, ProRail).   The new station complex was realized in cooperation with Strukton and is in line with the redevelopment of the station area into a new attractive, comfortable public space, where the Municipality of Alkmaar is working on in cooperation with NS and ProRail. The station is compact and well-organised, and with the forecourt and reception areas, a logical and natural connection of the station with the city.   The bicycle parking, which is also part of the design, was already completed in August this year and also the bus station is already in use. After the opening of the traverse, there still needs to be done some final work, like closing the pedestrian tunnel. The total, redeveloped, station area will be completed in the spring of 2016
Traverse Alkmaar Station festively opened

News: January 29, 2015

Exciting weekend for Alkmaar station

On Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st we are taking a big step in the redevelopment of Alkmaar station. The steel structure for the new traverse will be lifted into place using two high cranes. The escalators and elevator shafts are also put in place this weekend. This exciting event  can be watched at on Saturday morning.     New Alkmaar station Alkmaar station gets a completely new look. A wide, light traverse soon connects the city centre with the Bergerhof quarter. Escalators and elevators make the station an accessible area and a large bicycle parking is being added. NS accommodates shopping and other amenities to meet the needs of travelers. In the design of the new station, VenhoevenCS architecture+urbanism, uses wood, glass and metal , which gives a natural look with lots of light. End of 2015, the station will be completed. The existing tunnel can then be closed.     Spectacular event: placing of the traverse On Saturday 31st of January, the traverse, the icon of the new station, will be hoisted into place in three parts. Two tall cranes on either side of the station will be used by contractor Strukton to get this exciting job done. During the work, one of the cranes will be extended to a height of over 90 meters. The heaviest part of the traverse weighs 116 tons and is 30 meters long. This spectacular event can be followed from special ‘viewing zones’ around the station, from 09.30 to 11.00.     Consequences for train traffic Due to the work around Alkmaar station this weekend  there is no train service. NS buses can be used instead. Extra travel time is approximately 30 minutes. Please check to schedule your trip.
Exciting weekend for Alkmaar station

Alkmaar seizes the chance to make a new, attractive and comfortable public space for the entire of the station area. Connecting the vision of the winning team to the redevelopment of the station area accordingly; the new station is compact and well-organised, and with the forecourt and reception areas, a logical and natural connection of the station with the city. The traditional lobby has been transformed into a reception plaza. The two distinctive entrances relate to the character of the surrounding area: one side reflecting the urban centre, with the other complementing the northern park-side. This distinction can be experienced from the passageway and gives the user a sense of orientation.


The traverse is the highest point of the station area and from the surrounding context can be seen as a distinctive beacon. It is an overarching unifying element that ties together the different parts of the station. The unity of the station is underlined by the form and materials of the buildings and public spaces. The discipline of the form gives a unique and strong character to the whole. The canopy invites travellers to go upstairs and protect visitors from the elements. The forecourt is considered a new urban interior; a combination of an outdoor station and town square.


The roof of the traverse is designed as a continuous folded form that directs the traveller to the various station areas. The form of the roof appears simple, clear and visibly weightless, supplying shelter and providing  orientation. The space between the new structure and the historical platform roofing is made of glass so that each element has its own identity and autonomy, preserving the existing and presenting the new building in a complementary balance. The traverse has been carefully positioned above the historical platform roofing. The construction of the traverse is slim and transparent, nearly invisible, so that monumental platform roofing determines the appearance.


The materialisation of the whole is based on a skin that changes appearance, depending on the time of day, light and weather. The traverse is covered with perforated aluminium cassettes. The sleek aluminium panels accentuate the volume. The perforations provide additional layers and create a surprising effect in detail when approaching and engaging with the building. The wood in the canopy and traverse creates a contrast with the aluminium, giving a human and intimate atmosphere.


Name:Alkmaar Station
Location:Stationsweg, Alkmaar
Program:redevelopment station area, incl station, commerce, bicycle parking
Surface area:6,750 m2
Assignment:PD, FD, specifications, aesthetic management (in Design & Build assignment)
Period:2013 - 2015
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Danny Esselman, Cécilia Gross, Arjan Pot

Strukton Civiel

Images:3d Studio Prins, VenhoevenCS (birdviews and sketches)
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