Aquatic Centre Ronse

Ronse, 2019

Aquatic Centre Ronse

Aquatic center Ronse is the new recreational attraction of the city. The complex, bridging the transition between green and urban area, is an extension of the existing sports hall ‘t Rosco and its sports fields. Resulting in a transformation of ‘t Rosco from a sports hall to a sports complex.


Although the aquatic center and the sports hall are functionally connected by a glass intermediate structure, it looks like they are not. It is almost like the new building is floating. The intermediate structure houses the entrance/controlled access, the extension of the food and beverage facilities and a patio, which creates a visual and functional connection between the new and existing functions. The patio offers a view of the pools and the green landscape behind. The slight difference in altitude within the surrounding landscape is integrated in the design in order to ensure a seamless integration into its surroundings.


With its orthogonal grid, the big canopy roof offers a clear structure that organizes all the different functions. Each cell measures 1.75 m by 1.75 m. All spaces, sky lights and volumes are matched to the sizes of the grid. It creates a balance between the open plan of the aquatic center and the more enclosed sports hall.


The aquatic center opens itself to the sport fields and the Finnish track. Combined with the central patio and the clear design structure this results in a light transparent volume which benefits the interaction between the different functions and its users. Depending on the kind of activity, spaces can be used together or separately. Thanks to the integrated design the functions form a strong ensemble and enhance one another. The strategic placement of façade openings and the alternation between open and closed volumes ensure that every type of use has the right amount of daylight, visibility, an attractive view and the necessary privacy.

Name:Aquatic Centre Ronse
Location:Leuzesesteenweg, Ronse (BE)
Program:Competition pool, paddling pool, recreational area for toddlers/young children, two slides and a cafeteria
Surface area:3700
Assignment:PD, FD, specifications, working drawings, aesthetic management,
Period:2017 - 2019
Client:Municipality of Ronse
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Manfred Wansink, Mateja Pipan, Ivo Brandes, Florina Bleanca.

BURO II & ARCHI+I (architectural partner), Pellikaan (constructor), Veolia (maintenance), StuBeCo (structural), Boydens (installations).

Images:Ossip van Duivenbode
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