Aquatic Centre Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer (NL), 2022



The new aquatic centre for Zoetermeer will be embedded in the Van Tuyllpark, the green sports and recreation area of Zoetermeer. For this design VenhoevenCS was inspired by the ”Onsen”, a traditional Japanese bathhouse with hot water originating from a geyser. The swimming pool is consequently designed as a wooden pavilion in nature. The glass openings in the wooden roof and in the facade let a lot of light through and strengthen the relationship between the pools and the green environment. During hot summer days, the facade of the recreational pools can be fully opened, allowing the visitor to swim in the open air and creating a passage to the sunbathing area. Even in winter the feeling of being outside remains: through the skylights a lot of daylight enters and the sky is always visible. This feeling is further enhanced by the lush green vegetation in the interior.

The new aquatic centre is primarily intended for recreation: there will be various recreational elements, such as a large slide. There will also be a competition pool with eight lanes and a pool with a movable floor. This group pool can be used for swimming lessons or ‘aquagym’. In addition to swimming competitions, the competition pool also offers the possibility of line swimming and water polo. On the second floor there will be a restaurant overlooking all three pools and a grandstand for 200 spectators. With a terrace on the sunny side of the street, the restaurant will also be very appealing for passers-by.


Name: Aquatic Centre Zoetermeer
Location: Van der Hagenstraat
Program: 25-meter competition pool with a grandstand for 200 spectators, 20m x 10m instruction pool, recreational pool with 3 slides, whirlpool, waterfall cave, toddlers pool, restaurant, sunbathing area with outside spray park and sports fields.
Surface area: 6850 m2
Assignment: Competition design, concept design, schematic design, design development
Period: 2019-2023
Status: In Progress
Client: Municipality of Zoetermeer, Vaessen


VenhoevenCS: Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Manfred Wansink, Andreas Bogenschütz, Arjan Pot, Mateja Pipan, Tjeerd Hellinga, Louis van Wamel, Lucas Schram, Rabia Turhan, Nicolo Santini, Eraldo Brandimarte, Rubing Xu, Yann Trégoat, Peter Rugebregt
Images: VenhoevenCS (renders)