Beijing Dongba Dong Feng Station

Beijing, 2018

Beijing Dongba Dong Feng Station

The Dongba area, located on the northeast side of Beijing, is undergoing a huge transformation. Soon here will arise a complete new residential district including offices and facilities around two metro stations and a bus station. This project/plan is the centre of this development. An extensive network of slow traffic connections connects the metro stations and the bus station with the new district. This network is the starting point for a vibrant centre which brings all urban functions and facilities together and where you can shop, recreate, work and live. Everything is close by.

Name:Beijing Dongba Dong Feng Station
Location:Dongba area
Program:Integrated development on and around the Dong Feng metro station: apartments, office spaces, hotel, commercial spaces.
Surface area:350.000 m2
Assignment:Transit oriented development strategy
Client:BIAD, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Company.
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Li Gubai, Klaas van Olphen, Álvaro Saez O'Farrell, Sofia Valentini
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