Blasio inflatables

Rotterdam (NL), 1998



Blasio is a multi-coloured vinyl “bouncy castle” measuring 6 x 6 x 4 metres. The product can take the shape of a friendly monster, spaceship, insect, hairy animal, sea anemone, star, joker, animal, mountain, cactus, flower, space creature, alien, space mountain, bumper car, aeroplane, drag racer, Captain Kirk, dinosaur, spider, lion, sea mine, herd of cows, porcupine, robot, coat rack, boat, tree, ashtray and dropped bag of chips.

The spiny form is created by splicing tubular shapes to a semicircle, to which pentagons and hexagons are joined. The complex shape of the inflatable offers a wide variety of play activities, not just jumping but sliding, romping, hanging, and climbing, to name just a few.

In their selection of Blasio, the jury (Kirstin Feireiss, Joep van Lieshout, Els Timmer and Cees Willems) referred to the technically innovative design, innovation in play activities, and child-friendly colour use.

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Name: Blasio inflatables
Location: Rotterdam (NL)
Surface area: 6 x 6 x 3 m3
Assignment: design and aesthetic management Winner of design prize celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Netherlands Architecture Institute
Period: 1998
Status: Built
Client: Netherlands Architecture Institute Rotterdam in collaboration with the Blasio Foundation
Awards: Winner Competition on the occasion of the 10 year Anniversary of the Nai 1998


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Bart Aptroot, Chantal van Dillen
Images: VenhoevenCS