Blokken B&C Amstelstation

Amsterdam, 2022

Blokken B&C Amstelstation

News: July 31, 2018

VenhoevenCS designs two residential blocks opposite Amstel Station

On July 26 the municipality of Amsterdam awarded the contract for the development of the two residential blocks opposite Amstelstation to MRP Development and VenhoevenCS. The buildings will include 200 apartments, a supermarket, a grand café, an incubator and a range of commercial and social facilities. 80% of the apartments is intended for middle incomes, 20% for the private rental sector.   The two blocks combine urban functions with a beautiful and save living environment for families and youngsters. Both target groups which nowadays have a hard time finding a place to live in the center of Amsterdam.   Alderman Laurens Ivens (Building & Living): “These rental houses are needed in order to offer the middle incomes enough affordable housing. Amsterdam must remain a city where there is space for everybody to live, regardless of income.”   Completion is scheduled in 2022
VenhoevenCS designs two residential blocks opposite Amstel Station

Combining urban functions with a pleasant and safe living environment for both families and youngsters is the biggest challenge in this project opposite Amstel Station. A mix of different types of rental apartments, ‘blue’ and ‘green’ outdoor spaces and facilities is required to ensure a vibrant and pleasant environment in the city center. Blokken B&C is designed as a smart and sustainable Microcity, a largely self-sustaining city block with all facilities within easy reach.

Name:Blokken B&C Amstelstation
Program:200 apartments, supermarket, mercado, incubator, commercial spaces, grand cafe and parking
Surface area:
Client:MRP Development
Team:Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Danny Esselman, Tjeerd Hellinga, Li Gubai, Maria Ángeles Reinares San Martín, Louis van Wamel, Mateja Pipan, Emmanouela Reppa, Nerea Sáenz Compañon, Lucas Schram, Rubing Xu, Robin Boenning

MRP Development (developer), Bureau Bouwfysica (building physics), Aveco de Bondt (water storage), Fakton Capital (financial advice)

Images:3D Studio Prins
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