Corda Campus

Hasselt (BE), 2021



VenhoevenCS and Geosted developed the Masterplan 2.0 for the Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium. The masterplan meets the client’s ambitions to further develop the current campus into a leading Euregional technology hotspot.

To design the masterplan, we spatially translated our shared vision on campus life. How can a campus attract new talent, build an optimal business climate, and make the people who spend their days here feel at home? How can the campus structure utilize and strengthen the local networks and become the adaptive, future proof space that an innovation district needs?

By focusing on a green, healthy, and engaging environment, the plan proposes a campus that fosters community, facilitates interaction and adds value – not only for the people working and living on campus, but also for the city of Hasselt and the region. A mixed program of small start-ups, larger companies, research, education, leisure, sports and culture ensures a 24/7 inspiring and safe place to be.

A framework that connects

We introduce a green framework that unites the existing buildings with new development while honoring the specific qualities of the various districts that were developed over the years. Parking areas make way for plenty of green. On the central square an impressive, 4.000 seat digital Arena will arise, which can host E-sports, conferences, events, and meetings. With intuitive routes between the buildings, the walkable campus invites its users to move around in an inspiring setting. The connections with the landscape outside of Corda Campus offer even more options to enjoy nature, making this the perfect environment for the campus community to meet, relax and recharge. The campus is located next to Kiewit train station and the major northern access road to Hasselt. This offers the potential for excellent multi-modal accessibility and sustainable last mile solutions, as well as for connections with Hasselt city centre and knowledge hubs in the region.

A modal shift

By organizing the vehicle traffic and parking on the periphery, the plan encourages the modal shift towards slow traffic and public transport and aims for a walkable and healthy campus on a comfortable human scale. Public transport connections are improved, and Kiewit Station is upgraded to a welcoming entrance to the campus, a smart mobility hub with a new station square that facilitates shared mobility.

Sustainable and flexible: the plug & play campus

The masterplan combines a robust and durable grid with flexible plug-ins and adaptable buildings. Energy and water systems are looped as much as possible, primarily organized in smaller clusters. This makes it easy to adjust the campus to future changes and allows for an efficiently and sustainably phased development until completion in 2030. The plug-in principle also ensures a fully operational and attractive campus environment during construction. Pop-ups and temporary programs like a Living Lab or Incubator can define the campus identity as a high-tech innovation district at all stages.

Shaping the campus community

With its mixed program of offices, labs, education, culture, short stay apartments and logistics, the Corda Campus offers a multifaceted and dynamic campus experience around the clock. This is the lively atmosphere that attracts talent and encourages meaningful interactions. Transparent plinths spark curiosity and showcase the campus’s high-tech activity to a variety of users. Diverse architecture creates playful facades with green roof terraces and loggias that draw nature into the buildings.

Space for growth, renewal and change, and a sense of belonging for everyone who works, studies, lives, or visits here: this is the VenhoevenCS and Geosted Masterplan 2.0 vision for the new Corda Campus.


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Name: Corda Campus
Location: Kempische Steenweg 293, 3500
Program: Added programme: ca 135.000 m2 BVO
Corda Arena, Office/workspace, Data centre, Box-in-box cleanrooms, Short stay apartments, International school, Compact services, Info centre.
Surface area: 23 ha
Assignment: Masterplan
Period: 2021
Status: Completed
Client: Corda Campus (part of LRM Group)


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Danny Esselman, Caspar Lysen, Klaas van Olphen, Anna Hering, Jun Chen, Maria Boletou, Ruben Vos
Other:Geosted (expert partner on mobility, water system, environmental screening, urban planning, zoning plans & local regulations, landscape and costs)
Images: VenhoevenCS