Cruquius, 2011


Vision & Research: Living cities

"each new design offers the opportunity to rethink every facet of life"

Living cities

Cruquiushoeve traditionally has been a special area in the Haarlemmermeerpolder. At the edge of the polder (reclaimed land from the sea) close to the famous historic pumping museum Cruquius a safe and protected living environment was formed for epilepsy patients. Here they could live safely within the quiet green landscape. Nowadays the housing and facilities are outdated and need to be replaced by modern and compact accommodations. The patients’ living environment is being transformed according to a new vision on care. Epilepsy patients are no longer hidden outside the city away from society but included in everyday live. With dwellings for 240 patients SEIN will become part of the newly developped residential area ‘Cruquiushoeve’. 950 new private homes are combined with the housing of the epilepsy patients in order to let them take part in society as much as possible.


The new ‘Cruquiushoeve’ offers a special and distinctive green living environment. A network of different landscape areas form the basis of the Master plan, connecting the development with existing recreative network and the surrounding areas. All the elements of the Master plan – infrastructure networks, location of services and facilities, landscape design, private and collective outdoor spaces – is designed with regard to the requirements of the patients and trying to use these requirements to create surplus value for other future inhabitants. Large parts of collective green ensure the necessary safety for the epilepsy patients and at the same time guarantee a pleasant living environment for all inhabitants and visitors. The new housing clusters are set as distinct islands within this landscape and therefore can be developed independently from each other. The facilities (shops, riding school, restaurant etc) provide workplaces for the epilepsy patients and facilitate a lively neighborhood. Social life and interaction between people with and without restriction takes place along the central village street.

Location:Cruquiushoeve, Haarlemmermeer (NL)
Program:950 dwellings, museum park, landscape concept, ecological zone, neighbourhood facilities (riding school, swimming pool, primary school special education), Integration long-stay clinic epilepsy patients, Randstad Clinic
Surface area:55 ha
Assignment:Master plan, strategic advice in coordination with Westflank Haarlemmermeer and development strategy, partial detailing of Master plan
Client:AT Osborne commissioned by Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN)
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Bas Römgens, Katharina Hagg, Gert Kwekkeboom, Ornella Lazzari, Sylvain Wintz

Sipke Mulder, Leo Bosch (program, housing typologies), Tauw (environmental regulations), M+P (sound)

Background Information