De Staalmeester

Alkmaar (NL), 2024



In Alkmaar, the business park Oudorp will be transformed into a mixed-living and working area. As part of the city’s development plan for the Noordhollandsch Kanaal, adding nearly 10.000 dwellings to the area, we are designing a mixed-use project De Staalmeester.

Our approach to healthy living and mobility helped shape our urban plan and design for 5 blocks next to the monumental Westfriese Omringdijk. These blocks activate liveliness in the street with plinths accommodating 2,300 square meters of commercial facilities, a parking garage, social functions, and workspaces. Topped with 300 apartments, De Staalmeester is one of the first redevelopments for business park Oudorp.

Separate volumes placed around a public green square shape the urban design. Recognizing the importance of attractive and walkable living areas, the closed and car-focused area is transformed into an accessible, green network for slow traffic to connect parks, squares, and other functions. On top of the parking garage, a semi-public rooftop garden helps mediate the transition between slow-mobility routes and the surrounding green area.


Name: De Staalmeester
Location: Schermerweg 33, Alkmaar (NL)
Program: Residential 30,000m2; Social and commercial 2,500m2; Mobility hub
Surface area: 32,500 m2
Assignment: Bestemmingsplan, Concept design (SO), Schematic design (VO), Design development (DO incl. building permit), Construction documents (TO-UO), Master plan, Design guidelines
Period: 2021-2024
Status: In Progress


VenhoevenCS: Danny Esselman, Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Martijn Tjassens Keiser, Emiel Tijhuis, Coco Vink
Developer:Vastesteen Projectontwikkeling and Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed
Landscape architect:Felixx
Main contractor:Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed
Structural engineer:Goudstikker de Vries
Building physics:NIEMAN
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