Europapark multi sport

Groningen, 2018

Europapark multi sport

News: February 6, 2016

VenhoevenCS designs sports complex Europapark

The municipality of Groningen and Noorderpoort (center for secondary, vocational and adult education and training in Groningen) selected VenhoevenCS to design the new sports complex Europapark in Groningen; an important development in the sports priority of the cities policy   The complex will house a sports hall, which can be divided into three parts for separate use, a dojo, a multifunctional hall, a dance space, a gymnastics gym, fitness, food and beverage facilities and classrooms. The surrounding terraced landscape, which is designed in dialogue with landscape architect Martijn Al, also offers a variety of sport facilities. The contracting authority values the seamless transition of these outdoor in indoor and vice versa in the transparent design of VenhoevenCS, which contribute to the visibility and accessibility of sports.   The construction of the energy-neutral complex will start spring 2017. Completion is scheduled in mid-2018.
VenhoevenCS designs sports complex Europapark
Name:Europapark multi sport
Program:Sports hall, dojo, multifunctional hall, dance space, gymnastics gym, fitness, classrooms, food and beverage facilities, multicourt.
Surface area:5500 m2 gfa
Assignment:SD, PD, FD, specifications, aesthetic management
Client:Municipality of Groningen
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Manfred Wansink, Arjen Zaal, Eliza Mante, Robbert Bron, Arjan Pot, Oscar Sanders, Erik Brusse.
Images:Ossip van Duivenbode
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