Zoetermeer (NL), 2020



Gymworld is a world in itself. A world in which a leading facility for sports and exercise merges with a sustainable living environment.

The new building is designed as a cloud of spaces floating above the landscape. Each volume has a different facade finish, which refers to what is happening inside. The interplay of lines on the space with Free Running, for instance, is a translation of the movements that are made inside and the façade image of the trampoline hall refers to the span of the trampolines. This concept combines the functional approach of the sports spaces with the composition of an exciting and contemporary sculpture. The volumes differ from each other in size and height, which makes the building look different from all sides. The entrance is the building’s business card. Stairs and elevators protrude from the cloud, inviting the visitor to enter.

The parking lot has been designed in such a way that the landscape runs, as it were, underneath the building. A pavement of grass stones and large concrete tiles softens the transition between the parking spaces and the surrounding greenery. The plants in the vertical green facade stimulate biodiversity.


Amerikaweg, Zoetermeer
Sports complex with a gym hall, trampoline hall, dancing/multi functional hall, club house, Sports Medical Center.
5100 m2
PD, FD, specifications, aesthetic management
In Progress
Municipality of Zoetermeer


Arjan Pot, Jos-Willem van Oorschot, Tjeerd Hellinga, Hermen Jansen, Eliza Mante, Max Fleer
Remmers Bouwgroep
Verhoeven en Leenders