HABU – modular office hubs

Amsterdam (Netherlands), 2020



The HABU Modular Office Hubs are modular units, designed to create a separate and comfortable space for flex workers and meetings. We realized the first three ‘HABU Hubs’ in our own VenhoevenCS office. They are enthusiastically used by our colleagues for meetings, but as well as for work that requires silence and concentration.

The starting point of the design was to experiment with new, sustainable materials. The used materials are 25% recycled and 75% biobased. Additionally, the design is 100% modular. The hubs are completely demountable and the different panels are interchangeable, allowing for flexible placement of the whiteboard and magazine rack. This makes that HABU is not only a good practice but also a literary showcase of innovative sustainable materials.

On the inside, HABU (Japanese for hub) is colorful and compact. The different hubs are named ‘Sanzo Wada’, ‘Hut’, and ‘Indigo’. The colors inside the unit named after Japanese artist Sanzo Wada are inspired by Wada, who dedicated his entire life to creating color combinations for Kimonos. Where hub ‘Hut’ is made from all-natural materials like bamboo, cork, and peppelplex and hub ‘Indigo’ uses Bio-plastics and recycled textiles such as denim.

Are you interested and would you like a HABU hub in your office? Don’t hesitate to contact Arjen Zaal a.zaal@venhoevencs.nl.


HABU – modular office hubs


Arjen Zaal, Eliza Mante
Products: MOSO Bamboo, Kvadrat, Forbo, Baux, Planq, Feek, Modular Lighting, FacilitylinQ. Interior builder: Frederiks Interieurs

Marc Goodwin