Bispebjerg Hospital

Copenhagen (DK), 2011



As part of the national master plan ‘hospitals and psychiatry 2020’ the Bispebjerg and the Frederiksberg hospital in Copenhagen will be merged. The new university hospital and two centres for psychiatry will be situated on the monumental site of the old Bispebjerg hospital.

Like the original design of Martin Nyrop the new master plan is designed with a belief in the healing and preventive capacities of architecture and landscape design. The design stimulates people to walk, to bicycle, to sport and to eat healthy. It connects the beautiful campus with surrounding neighborhoods and the city. Citizens will use the area not only for healthcare, but also as a park with sports and leisure facilities.

The monumental buildings will be renovated with respect for historic values and will offer a unique environment for offices, research facilities, policlinics and day treatment of psychiatry. The beautiful gardens offer a stress reducing green environment ideal for psychiatric health care. The new buildings combine the new ideas and standards of psychiatric healthcare and sustainable building with the principles of the historic buildings: healing environment, the relation inside and outside, the use of daylight and the human scale.

All acute somatic functions and expensive diagnostic and surgery functions for elective treatment will be combined in a lean and mean core hospital. The building offers short walking distances, clear pathways, daylight, nice views and spaces to go out. The covered patio and orangery collect warmth of the sun and the building and create a comfortable outside space and at the same time a sustainable facade.

The hospitals wish to be an international center of knowledge is supported by the master plan by emphasizing the embedding of the state of the art research facilities in an attractive green and urban environment. The master plan stimulates pulsating life by offering opportunities for shops, restaurants, bars at the site and along access routes to the site and creates an interesting learning and research environment by introducing elements that encourage people to interact, to connect knowledge and develop a creative thinking that leads to innovation and quality.

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Name: Bispebjerg Hospital
Location: Bispebjerg Bakke 23, Copenhagen (DK)
Program: 158.000 m2 hospital, 59.000 m2 psychiatric hospital
Surface area: 26.6 ha
Assignment: Competition, second round
Period: 2011
Status: Completed
Client: Bispebjerg Hospital Capital Region’s Psychiatry


VenhoevenCS: Ton Venhoeven, Bas Romgens, Gert Kwekkenboom, Bart Nicolaas, Servy Bruls, Marcin Wadja, Auke Wissing
Images: VenhoevenCS