Het Gebouw MicroCity

Leiden, 2013

Het Gebouw MicroCity

News: June 15, 2015

Zorgen voor vandaag en morgen

VenhoevenCS has contributed to the publication ‘Zorgen voor vandaag en morgen – zoektocht naar combinaties van zorg, wonen en de stad’ freely translated as ‘Care for caring, search for innovative combinations of healthcare and living inside the city’, by Stichting Babel.
Zorgen voor vandaag en morgen

News: March 17, 2015

Excursion Innovation in Housing and Care

On 19 and 20 February, VenhoevenCS organized an exursion Innovation in Housing in Care in the Netherlands, in collaboration with Rudiger de Belie of DeBeCo and lecturer and Dort Spierings. The excursion was organised in favour of Flemish care professionals. Six realized projects of innovative concepts for residential care were visited, and the Flemish care professionals got to learn valuable lessons and gain inspiration from experts that they can use in their own future care projects.   We have major challenges in healthcare, just think of the ageing population, the increase in long-term care with chronic illnesses such as dementia, emancipation of the elderly, and the rising costs that go with that, and on the other hand limited financial resources. Optimizing the existing health care system is not enough. Only by reconnecting care in a natural way with the society and everyday life in the villages and cities we can keep good care affordable for everyone. An innovative and integrated approach is needed. Knowledge and inspiration to develop innovative and integrated solutions for projects in Flanders was acquired with the following projects:   Het Gebouw in Leiden. Here are various forms of housing for people with care needs (self-care homes and group homes demented elderly) combined with lifecycle proof homes, library, gymnasium, center for youth and family, a restaurant and 3 schools. Thanks to: Woningstichting Ons Doel, Libertas Leiden   Kaleidoscoop in Nieuwkoop. A complex with a ‘Kulturhus’ and a variety of apartments with various forms of care, such as group homes for the elderly with dementia, apartments for somatic residents who need a lot of care, apartments for people who need care and apartments for temporary care. Thanks to: Wijdezorg   De Herbergier, Zoetermeer. A care formula for people with memory problems who can not live independently. In each ‘Herbergier’ live about sixteen people who are given the space as much as possible to continue their lives as much as they were used to. Thanks to: De Herbergier Zoetermeer   Sprenkelaarshof, Apeldoorn. Homes for a combination of psychogeriatric elderly, seniors and people with mild disabilities in a green environment. Thanks to: Zorggroep Apeldoorn   St. Annahof, Uden. A sheltered housing complex mixed with heavier care, both residential and focus group homes with people with dementia and mental disabilities. The complex is surrounded by many external facilities. Thanks to: Bewonerscommissie en Woningcorporatie Area   Zorgcoöperatie Hoogeloon (care cooperative). Hoogeloon employs over 2100 people. The cooperative is committed to the retention and development of care services and facilities in the village. This aims to ensure that the elderly and people with disabilities, even when the demand rises, can continue to live in Hoogeloon. Thanks to: Zorgcoöperatie Hoogeloon   Responses from participants in the excursion: ‘The care entrepeneurship of De Herbergier is an eye-opener. It illustrates the importance of involved care entrepeneurs with a clear vision. ‘    ‘Het Gebouw in Leiden is an innovative project in the field of housing, with a mix of functions and target groups it’s quite interesting, bold and setting an example, worthy of imitation. ‘
Excursion Innovation in Housing and Care

Vision & Research: Social impulse of multimodal and public mixed use projects

"shared use of interior streets and meeting spaces offer the opportunity for social contact and cultural exchange"

Social impulse of multimodal and public mixed use projects

 The lively De Kooi neighbourhood of Leiden is to become the site of the new centre of Leiden North. Het Gebouw is the pilot project of the new centre. The most diverse social and community accommodations are gathered together in a building that stimulates multiple use of space and functions and reactivates the social life of the neighbourhood. Het Gebouw houses three primary schools, day nurseries, care organisations, a public library, community centre and sports facilities. But also appartments, housing for the elderly and mentally disabled. This makes Het Gebouw the first step into a new, vital and life cycle proof part of the city.


A central square lies at the heart of the plan. All the different elements of the program can be found in shops and niches surrounding it. For the design of the central square we used examples from the most beautiful ancient cities in the world. This lively meeting point will both be the heart of the neighborhood and house the community complex and is suitable for highly diverse events such as performances, film nights, political gatherings and neighbourhood parties.

Name:Het Gebouw MicroCity
Location:Arubapad 2, Leiden (NL)
Program:three primary schools, preschool, sports facilities, multifunctional community centre, central square, restaurant, auditorium, public library, welfare centre, youth and family centre, general practitioner, local facilities, parking garage for 120 cars, bike parking, 50 life cycle proof appartments, 20 care homes for the demented, 14 care homes for the mentally disabled elderly, 18 school units / starter homes, roof gardens
Surface area:26,150 m2 gfa
Assignment:urban development design, schematic design, design development, specifications, detail drawings and aesthetic direction
Client:Municipality of Leiden, Housing Corporation Ons Doel
Team:Ton Venhoeven, Danny Esselman, Arjen Zaal, Cécilia Gross, Arjan Pot, Eelco Bergman, Kees Plomp, Wouter de Haas, Roland Herpel, Tanja Djordjevic, Urs Hasenberg, Niels Boswinkel, Tim Habraken, Gabriël Boutsema

Grontmij (construction), LBP SIGHT (building physics), Deerns installatieadvies (installations), Arcadis Financial Engineers (cost calculation), Bot Bouw (contractor), Kuijpers (E-installations), BRI (W-installations), Kone liften

Images:Ronald Tilleman
Background Information
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    Booklet Het Gebouw

    We published a booklet on Het Gebouw that describes the unique challenge of combining a multifunctional program of education, sports, care facilities and housing for different types of residents in order to stimulate social cohesion. Het Gebouw is an example how to revitalize a post-war city centre into a lively neighbourhood where people live and recreate together in a natural way.

    The booklet is in Dutch.
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    Intregrated care

    The building is an attractive habitat for people who are less mobile or need care. Housing cooperative Ons Doel developed in collaboration with health care organization Libertas 20 appartements in three homes for people with dementia. For Foundation Haardstee there are 14 homes for older people with mental limitation. Both institutions provide 24-hour care to the inpatient clients, but also offer a ‘carefree live' package for the residents of the regular appartments in the building and neighbourhood. Partners of inpatient clients can continue to live nearby.

    Crucial is the combination of care with the other facilities within the building. This enables people with a demand for care to maintain to be a real neighbour, and part of society. Mentally disabled seniors as well as other residents of the neigbourhood drink a cup of coffee at the restaurant or go with their children to the library.

    The document is in Dutch
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