Het Gebouw

Leiden (NL), 2013



 The lively De Kooi neighbourhood of Leiden is to become the site of the new centre of Leiden North. Het Gebouw is the pilot project of the new centre. The most diverse social and community accommodations are gathered together in a building that stimulates multiple use of space and functions and reactivates the social life of the neighbourhood. Het Gebouw houses three primary schools, day nurseries, care organisations, a public library, community centre and sports facilities. But also appartments, housing for the elderly and mentally disabled. This makes Het Gebouw the first step into a new, vital and life cycle proof part of the city.

A central square lies at the heart of the plan. All the different elements of the program can be found in shops and niches surrounding it. For the design of the central square we used examples from the most beautiful ancient cities in the world. This lively meeting point will both be the heart of the neighborhood and house the community complex and is suitable for highly diverse events such as performances, film nights, political gatherings and neighbourhood parties.

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Het Gebouw
Arubapad 2, Leiden (NL)
three primary schools, preschool, sports facilities, multifunctional community centre, central square, restaurant, auditorium, public library, welfare centre, youth and family centre, general practitioner, local facilities, parking garage for 120 cars, bike parking, 50 life cycle proof appartments, 20 care homes for the demented, 14 care homes for the mentally disabled elderly, 18 school units / starter homes, roof gardens
26,150 m2 gfa
urban development design, schematic design, design development, specifications, detail drawings and aesthetic direction
Municipality of Leiden, Housing Corporation Ons Doel


Ton Venhoeven, Danny Esselman, Arjen Zaal, Cécilia Gross, Arjan Pot, Eelco Bergman, Kees Plomp, Wouter de Haas, Roland Herpel, Tanja Djordjevic, Urs Hasenberg, Niels Boswinkel, Tim Habraken, Gabriël Boutsema
Bot Bouw
Sweco (Formerly Grontmij)
Deerns installatieadvies, Kuijpers (E-installations), BRI (W-installations), Kone liften
Arcadis Financial Engineers

Ronald Tilleman